The east coast of Sri Lanka offers stunning palm fringed beaches and turquoise waters. And just offshore are shallow coral gardens and rocky reefs teeming with colorful reef fish. With shallow depths and easy dive conditions east coast diving is perfect for beginners and new divers. Whether you are exploring the shallow coral reefs in Nilaveli or the rock walls around Swami Rock Trincomalee offers something for everyone. Trincomalee is also great for underwater photographers with lots of macro subjects such as banded shrimps, dancing shrimps, nudibranchs, fire gobies, pipefish, and frogfish.


Our Trincomalee dive base is located at White Sands Beach Hotel in Nilaveli, and provides easy access to the best dive sites around Trincomalee, with most dive sites located within a 5-15 boat ride.


Our morning dive start time is 8am. After completing the necessary paperwork, preparing your equipment and a dive briefing from your guide our boats depart for the chosen dive sites of the day. Dive groups are small, with a maximum of 5 divers per guide, so you get a personalized dive experience. Boats return to shore between 12-1pm depending on the dive site. Drinking water and biscuits are provided on the boat. After diving it’s time to complete your log books, swap stories with fellow divers and enjoy some time on the beach.