Diving Trips for Certified Divers

From November to April we operate in Colombo. Yes, Colombo!   Not only can you dive while right in a city, in our opinion it’s some of the best diving in Sri Lanka (that’s why we are there!).   Lots of exciting wrecks, current swept reefs, large schools of fish, and occasional whale sharks. While there are some nice shallow dive sites, Colombo diving is ideally suited for slightly experienced divers with Advanced Open Water certification due to the depths and potential for strong currents at many dive sites. #Westside!

From May to October, we shift from the West Coast (2Pac) to the East Coast (B.I.G.) – Trincomalee to be specific. Shallow coral gardens, rocky reefs, and colorful fish life provide great diving for all experience levels. And watch out for the occasional whale shark as well. We will also be organizing special expedition trips to dive the HMS Hermes, one of only three aircraft carriers in the world accessible to divers (and the only one sunk in combat), and other WWII wrecks such as the SS British Sergeant. #Eastside!

Regardless of location, you get knowledgable guides, a commitment to safety, small groups, nitrox and a team that is committed to making sure you don’t just have great dives, but a great holiday – we are divers ourselves and our goal is to operate the kind of dive shop where we would like to go dive.

Do read on for more info on the diving in Colombo and Trincomalee.


More information about fun diving in Colombo, as well as additional information on other programs, where to stay and more.


More information about fun diving in Trincomalee, as well as additional information on other programs, where to stay and more.