Go Pro – The PADI Divemaster program

Tired of slaving away in an office, dreaming about those few weeks when you can go on vacation?   Have you considered getting paid to do what other people spend time and money doing?

For that matter, even if you aren’t interested in quitting your regular job, are you are interested in becoming more actively involved in the diving community, and also taking your knowledge of dive skills and the industry to the next level?

And of course, there is the fame, fortune and glory that come with being in possession of that much-covered black professional card.  🙂

Enter the PADI Divemaster program.    The first professional level, a PADI Divemaster is trained to handle diving activities for certified divers, and also act as an assistant during  training program.   The course covers extensive dive theory (general diving knowledge, physics, physiology, equipment), watermanship, pro-quality diving skills as well as general skills like professionalism.

There are two ways to  conduct this program:

  • One is a bare-bones DM course, where you come in and complete the requirements, a process that takes around 7-14 days.
  • A DM Internship, which is a multi-month training program, where you essentially work in the dive center as a dive-pro-in-training

We recommend the bare-bones training program only for highly-experienced divers, and ideally with some teaching/people management experience in some field or the other.

For everyone else (and even experienced divers), we recommend the Internship, which allows the diver to go well beyond the bare minimum in terms of developing their professional skills – always a good idea when you are responsible for the well-being of someone else.


More information about the PADI Divemaster program in Colombo, as well as additional information on other programs, where to stay and more.


More information about the PADI Divemaster program in Trincomalee, as well as additional information on other programs, where to stay and more.