Where can I stay?
In the west coast we have a range of accommodation options that you can book through us or directly. Please check out our available dive packages or our brochure for more information.
How do I confirm my trip?
Please refer to our Payment Schedules listed on the first page of our Booking Conditions for the deposits required and cancellation terms for our various packages. Please note that credit card payments have a 4% fee.
What do I need to bring?
Your certification card, your log book and a change of clothes. We provide safe filtered drinking water so there is no need to buy water bottles before your dive trip.
How do I get to the dive center?
We are on Google maps so just type ‘Island Scuba’ into the search field and we will show up in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia (60-90 minutes from the airport). If you are still not sure we will provide you with a map once you confirm your booking.
Should I bring my own equipment?
We have a full range of ScubaPro and Mares dive equipment for rent, but if you have your own we recommend bringing it for the sake of comfort. You can store your equipment in the dive center if diving multiple days. If you require rental equipment please let us know in advance so we can ensure that it is available for you.
I want to make my dive extra special, is there anything I can do?
We have several VIP services such as video filming of your dives and course sessions. You can also charter a boat and private dive guide.
I have sea sickness, what should I do?
Our seas are a bit choppy so we recommend medication such as Dramamine, Scopolamine or Avomin (available locally). Please note that for such medication to be effective you do need to start taking it 12-24 hours before going to sea. Please follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and let your dive guide know you are on this medication.
Do I need a visa?
Citizens of most countries are granted a 30 day visa to enter Sri Lanka. This can be easily obtained online by clicking here.
Do I need vaccinations?
Please check with your family doctor or GP for the latest advice with regard to vaccinations as this information keeps changing. Bring and use insect repellant.
Do I need insurance?
We highly recommend DAN dive insurance. We have access to top of the range emergency services via FALCK but the diver will be responsible for all costs which can add up!
Do I need to tip?
Tipping depends entirely on how happy you are with your experience and our service. We have a common tip jar for our staff and tips are always appreciated if you are satisfied with their service.